Samsung’s magic beans drop below $100 for an epic Labor Day headphones deal


It’s no secret – these little buds are weird. I mean, what can you compare them to? They’ve got a strange organic design and nothing that would make you think they’re any kind of audio equipment. But audio equipment they are, and they’ll quite happily slip into your ears and play your favorite tunes. You’ll now find them with $60 off at Amazon, making them the lowest price they’ve ever been. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live $60 off

It’s impossible to stress how weird the Galaxy Buds Live look – there’s a smooth outer shell, a matte inner with a strange silicon pad, and grilles and holes all over the place. This design, however, is very deliberate on Samsung’s part and hopes to bring something new to the headphone table – in-ear headphones with the sound signature of a pair of open-backs.


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