Rock on with this Marshall speaker deal on Amazon


Marshall has provided Amps to the greats; Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Jimmy Page, and Clapton, to name but a few. Now you can get the name on a little Bluetooth speaker and listen to your music, as Marshall puts it, “as the artist intended”. While it may not be an ear-shattering guitar amplifier built to lift the roofs of concert halls, the Marshall Emberton is still a solid little Bluetooth speaker that’s now $50 off at Amazon.

Crank it up to 11

You may have heard of Marshall – creators of some of the most recognizable guitar amplifiers on the planet, the silver grating of their speaker grilles and the signature of the creator, Jim Marshall, have graced many a gig, both big and small. Now, that same grille and signature can grace your living room, bedroom, or kitchen with Marshall’s range of Bluetooth speakers.


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