RIP iPhone Mini, may you be resurrected soon


Apple has always championed the small phone. Even when the competing Android phone makers were making their base models bigger, Apple kept the iPhone small. After the success of the iPhone SE, Apple added a mini model to its main lineup of iPhones, starting with the iPhone 12 mini. We also got an iPhone 13 mini, cementing the idea that the iPhone mini was here to stay.

However, with the iPhone 14 series launch getting closer, rumors are strongly saying that Apple will not release an iPhone 14 mini, but instead an iPhone 14 Plus or Max instead. Is this the death of the iPhone mini? Or will it live to see another day?

The iPhone Mini is dead, long live the iPhone Mini

iPhone 13 And Mini Dark And Light Hero

(Image credit: Joseph Keller / iMore)

The iPhone mini was arguably one of the most hyped models in recent years. Ever since folks like me used the first iPhone SE, which coexisted with the bigger models, we wanted a flagship-tier iPhone in a small size, and Apple delivered. The iPhone 12 Mini was perfect, and it was even positioned as the lowered entry point into the iPhone 12 series.


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