Review of Stoner Supercars and Classics weekend 2022


Stoner Supercars and Classics weekend took place on Saturday May the 21st and Sunday the 22nd 2022.  We attended the event on the Sunday and it was a glorious day with wonderful weather and a good selection of classic cars and supercars.

This was definitely a bigger event than in previous years. Previously here just been supercar Sunday, but this year it was renamed as supercars and classic and took place over the weekend, so two days of supercar on classic car utopia.

We decided to take our Lancia D24 (below) and we were delighted that we were asked to place it on the central lawn in front of the house. What a wonderful start to the day.

Other Cars that we loved that were on the front lawn:

This is an absolute beautiful example. Speaking to Jeff the owner, who I’d met previously, it’s his pride and joy, as many classic cars are for their owners. He told me that the car in his ownership has has a respray and recently all the chrome has been done. Bravo Jeff. A lovely car, and one of my all time favourite Mercedes-Benz. What a beautiful looking car.

I just love the paint work and colours and detailing on this Porsche. Very very cool.

Just a unusual and different looking car. It’s the first open Lamborghini and the rarest classic Lamborghini, as only 52 were made between 1976 and 1979. There are apparently only two on the road in the UK. Bravo to the owner.

Jaguar C-type

This Jaguar was not an original car, but stunning nonetheless lovely detailing.  This car was it Ecurie Ecosse LM-C, a homage to cars raced by them in the early 1950s.  Stunning. So cool.

This Ferrari is a reproduction, but a fantastic car for sure.  It sounded great. Respect to the owner.

Later in the day I met a previous owner of my Lancia D24 (below), what a wonderful chat I had with Len and the history of the car and his tips and guidance were great.

Then to some of the Supercars that caught our eye:


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