Return of a mask mandate? Never!

Our health experts are back to chasing flies with sledgehammers.

Yesterday, despite Dr. Anthony Fauci saying that he’s hopeful for a mild COVID winter and the president declaring the pandemic “over,” the Department of Health and Human Services recommended we all go back to wearing masks again.

Why? Because there’s a chance if you catch COVID, you’re going to get “long COVID” — symptoms that linger for months. That chance, by the way, is 7%, according to the government’s initial studies. And lower if you’re vaccinated.

The Biden administration likely isn’t going to follow the HHS recommendation, because it knows how unpopular it is and, since Democrats are in power, following “the science” would punish them and not the Republicans.

But on the off chance President Biden is considering another nationwide mask mandate . . . HELL NO!

COVID is a scourge on humanity, leaked from a Chinese lab that was doing bioweapons research (come on, it’s the only logical explanation). But we’ve tried full lockdowns, we’ve tried universal masking, we’ve pushed vaccines and boosters and guess what — it’s still around.

If you’re worried about getting long COVID, by all means wear a mask. But enough with the society-wide restrictions. Health experts are not risk managers; they will push large-scale measures to combat a statistically small problem. Biden is right, the pandemic is over. It’s past time to let people decide for themselves.

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