Quentin Jones teaches how to create a mantra collage with iPad


It’s time to sit down and create your mantra collage.

Today, Apple posted a new Today at Apple session hosted by artist Quentin Jones. Jones hosted the new session titled “How to Craft Your Mantra Collage on iPad with Quentin Jones” which teaches attendees how to create a mantra collage on the iPad.

You can watch the new session below:

Learn how to use Keynote as a creative tool to craft animated mantra collages on iPad using Apple Pencil, with artist Quentin Jones and Creative Pro Anthony from Today at Apple.

According to Apple, you’ll only need an iPad and the Keynote app in order to attend the session. The Keynote app is Apple’s PowerPoint competitor that is free to use on the iPad. The company also recommends an Apple Pencil but that’s only optional.

While you can use an iPad that works with the Keynote app to take this Today at Apple session, that doesn’t stop the rumor mill on what kinds of iPads we can expect in the near future. One of the craziest rumors out there right now is that Apple is working on a 14-inch iPad that will come packed with the new M2 processor.

While that’s fun to think about, you might be in the market for an iPad right now. If that’s the case, check out our list of the Best iPad deals for Prime Day 2022.

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