President Biden’s ‘pivot’ to the center is more of the same extremist nonsense


President Joe Biden’s media enablers are at it again, praising the wisdom of his non-existent pivot to the center as he starts laying the groundwork for his reelection bid. His “early ’23 moves” give “a crystal-clear contrast with the GOP’s chaotic speaker fight,” swoons Axios

The big proof of the alleged pivot is his border plan and last weekend’s visit. If you buy that, we have several bridges to sell you. 

Biden’s the one who caused the border crisis via his invite-them-in policies. And his new “plan” is more of the same, with some minor tweaks to enforcement on migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti and Venezuela that will target only a fraction of illegal crossers: Natives of those nations made up around 90,000 of the 234,000 who crossed in November alone. 

That, plus a Potemkin-village trip to El Paso, does not qualify as tacking right. 

What about the economy, Biden’s other major disaster? The president, with his endless rhetoric on building “from the bottom up and the middle out,” still has literally zero recognition of the fact that his endless spending sprees (like the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan) triggered the massive inflation that average Americans have suffered for over a year. And showing up alongside Mitch McConnell at a bridge to be upgraded with federal funding (as he did on Jan. 4) doesn’t show the least change of heart. 

Biden's "new" border plan offers much of the same, with just some minor tweaks.
Biden’s “new” border plan offers much of the same, with just some minor tweaks.
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Fact is, Biden’s hand is always out to Republicans who’ll . . . vote for what he wants. If he genuinely means to change course, he could start by apologizing for his administration pressuring Twitter to censor his critics. He’d beef up border security. He’d promise to spend less money and cut taxes.

Until he actually reverses course on something, count Biden as still in thrall to the loudest and farthest-left elements of his own party. 


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