Pokémon Scarlet and Violet for Nintendo Switch review: Best and worst Gen of all time

Pokémon has been one of my favorite game franchises ever since I first played Red in elementary school. However, when Sword and Shield was released in 2019, it became highly apparent that the series had grown stale, keeping to old game mechanics and hardly changing from the original games. So I became incredibly excited when I saw Scarlet and Violet were open-world games that provided brand-new features and the ability to wander just about anywhere.

Players start the game the usual way by choosing a starter, but then they encounter an injured Legendary Pokémon of mysterious origin and decide to take care of it. Additionally, they soon learn that the Paldea region is home to a strange crystalizing occurrence called the Tera Phenomenon that can change a Pokémon’s type and make it more powerful. So it’s up to players to explore the region, catch Pokémon, and uncover the mystery of their Legendary friend. 

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