Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: All 68 wild Tera Pokémon locations


Pokémon Scarlet and Violet really mix battle strategy up quite a bit by introducing the Tera Phenomenon to the series. This ability makes it so that some creatures can change their typing when Terastallizing.  While you can run around catching these creatures in Tera Raid battles, there are also Wild Tera Pokémon in fixed locations all over the Paldea map. 

There are 68 Wild Tera Pokémon total and this is where you’ll find them along with the Tera type and level they will have. 

All wild Tera Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

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There are a grand total of 68 wild Tera Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet. This chart is listed in alphabetical order by Pokémon name.

NOTE: Some of these Pokémon are in caves or are in places that you’ll have to climb to. So, you might need to unlock more Travel Abilities for Koraidon or Miraidon before you can get to them all. 

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Pokémon Tera Type Location
1. Altaria (Lv 50) Fairy West Province (Area Three)
2. Avalugg (Lv 45) Rock Dalizapa Passage
3. Axew (Lv 36) Ground West Province (Area One)
4. Azumarill (Lv 55) Fairy Casseroya Lake
5. Bellibolt (Lv 55) Water Casseroya Lake
6. Breloom (Lv 30) Rock West Province (Area Three)
7. Buizel (Lv 21) Ice West Province (Area One)
8. Corviknight (Lv 55) Fighting North Province (Area Two)
9. Cyclizar (Lv 45) Flying Asado Desert
10. Diglett (Lv 17) Rock South Province (Area Two)
11. Dragonair (Lv 54) Electric West Province (Area One)
12. Dragonite (Lv 75) Steel North Province (Area Two)
13. Drednaw (Lv 55) Ice Casseroya Lake
14. Dunsparce (Lv 16) Poison South Province (Area Three)
15. Eelektross (Lv 65) Dragon East Paldean Sea
16. Espathra (Lv 45) Steel Dalizapa Passage
17. Espeon (Lv 50) Psychic East Province (Area Three)
18. Falinks (Lv 30) Steel East Province (Area Three)
19. Flamigo (Lv 40) Bug South Province (Area Five)
20. Flareon (Lv 50) Fire South Province (Area Five) — Must Climb to it
21. Fletchling (Lv 15) Fire South Province (Area Two)
22. Floette (Lv 22) Grass East Province (Area One)
23. Frigibax (Lv 40) Dark Glaseado Mountain
24. Froslass (Lv 45) Ghost Dalizapa Passage
25. Garchomp (Lv 65) Water West Province (Area Two)
26. Glaceon (Lv 50) Ice North Province (Area One)
27. Golduck (Lv 33) Psychic South Province (Area Four) — Must Climb to it
28. Grafaiai (Lv 48) Bug Tagtree Thicket
29. Growlithe (Lv 24) Ground East Province (Area Two)
30. Gyarados (Lv 55) Dragon Casseroya Lake
31. Hawlucha (Lv 41) Bug South Province (Area Six) — In Alfornada Cavern
32. Houndoom (Lv 42) Ghost South Province (Area Six) — In Alfornada Cavern
33. Houndstone (Lv 40) Ground South Province (Area Five)
34. Jigglypuff (Lv 14) Water South Province (Area Three)
35. Jolteon (Lv 50) Electric West Province (Area One)
36. Kirlia (Lv 28) Fire East Province (Area Three)
37. Leafeon (Lv 50) Grass South Province (Area Four) — Must Climb to it
38. Lokix (Lv 25) Fighting West Province (Area One)
39. Lucario (Lv 75) Ice North of Dalizapa Passage in a cave
40. Meowth (Lv 15) Flying South Province (Area Two)
41. Mimikyu (Lv 65) Fairy North Province (Area Two)
42. Naclstack (Lv 33) Ghost West Province (Area Two)
43. Pawmo (Lv 55) Steel North Province (Area Three) — In a cave
44. Pinurchin (Lv 55) Electric Glaseado Mountain
45. Primeape (Lv 50) Poison Glaseado Mountain
46. Pyroar (Lv 36) Dark East Province (Area Three)
47. Raichu (Lv 60) Fighting West Paldean Sea
48. Revavroom (Lv 55) Fire Glaseado Mountain
49. Rockruff (Lv 25) Psychic West Province (Area Three)
50. Salandit (Lv 27) Dragon East Province (Area One) — Must Climb to it
51. Sandygast (Lv 30) Grass Asado Desert
52. Scyther (Lv 22) Normal South Province (Area Four)
53. Shinx (Lv 14) Ice South Province (Area Five)
54. Slaking (Lv 55) Ghost North Province (Area Two)
55. Sliggoo (Lv 30) Poison South Province (Area Four)
56. Slowbro (Lv 55) Grass Casseroya Lake
57. Sneasel (Lv 41) Fighting Dalizapa Passage
58. Sylveon (Lv 50) Fairy North Province (Area Three)
59. Tauros (Lv 32) Electric East Province (Area Two)
60. Tinkatuff (Lv 36) Dark West Province (Area One)
61. Torkoal (Lv 26) Normal West Province (Area One)
62. Toxapex (Lv 37) Normal East Province (Area One)
63. Tsareena (Lv 65) Psychic Casseroya Lake
64. Umbreon (Lv 50) Dark South Province (Area Six) — In Alfornada Cavern
65. Ursaring (Lv 44) Flying Dalizapa Passage
66. Vaporeon (Lv 50) Water Casseroya Lake
67. Veluza (Lv 49) Normal Glaseado Mountain
68. Wugtrio (Lv 60) Ground North Province (Area One) — Must throw ball from far away to start battle

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