Pelosi’s name game, The Recount’s ‘pregnant men’ and more

This remark:

“[The] Inflation Reduction Act — so beautifully named.”

— House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Tuesday

We say: Both the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office and the widely respected Penn Wharton Budget Model found the Inflation Reduction Act does nothing to curb inflation in the short term and probably nothing significant ever. The act’s “impact on inflation is statistically indistinguishable from zero,” states the PWBM. Heck, even the White House itself admits it. Yet voters desperately want inflation rolled back. So if the goal is to pretend Democrats are doing what voters want, then sure: The law is “beautifully named.” Otherwise, it’s an outrageous sham — and the fact that Pelosi felt the need to defend the name suggests she knows voters are onto it.

Spot the difference:

— VS. —

We say: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has made it crystal clear: Her city will always welcome migrants — unless they actually arrive in Chicago, in which case she’ll ship them elsewhere.

This tweet:

We say: Memo to The Recount: Sen. Marco Rubio’s statement is only “inaccurate” if you change the traditional definition of “man” to include women who identify as men.

This story:

New York writer Jonathan Chait
Jonathan Chait claims “no recent development in American life has done more to throw American Jews’ safety . . . into doubt.”
NY Post composite / istock/ Getty Images

We say: Yes, some GOPers are anti-Semites, but so are some Democrats, as even New York writer Jonathan Chait admits. Yet he also claims “no recent development in American life has done more to throw American Jews’ safety . . . into doubt” than anti-Semites gaining a “foothold” in the GOP. Oh, really? More than Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s slurs about Jews? The Students for Justice in Palestine’s attacks on Jewish students on college campuses? The anti-Semitic, anti-Israel hostility now a major force in the Democratic Party? The BDS movement that progressives increasingly support? Threats and intimidation against Jews at left-wing-run City University of New York? Please. If any political party is a growing threat to Jewish interests, it’s the Democratic Party — not the GOP.

This claim:

Joe Biden
President Joe Biden hosted an event celebrating the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. Kleponis

“[The Inflation Reduction Act] helped reduce inflation at the kitchen table.”

— President Biden, Tuesday

We say: Egg prices are up 39.8% over last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports this week. Butter, 24.6%. Chicken, 16.6%. Flour, 23.3%. Milk, 17%. The overall grocery-price index is up a whopping 13.5% — the biggest jump in 43 years (back when Jimmy Carter was president). Exactly what kitchen table does Biden eat at?

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