Owner of ‘Downton Abbey’ castle pens some noble prose


The isles are alive with the sound of Brit royalty books. Comes now Lady Carnarvon the chatelaine/caregiver/classy owner of what’s not just any lousy half-room share near Brighton. Homestead of this 8th Countess Carnarvon is the 300-room Highclere Castle — which she told me is haunted — where “Downton Abbey” filmed and which hosted even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Her Countessship has published works on the castle’s food, history tchotchkes. New book, now out in England, is “The Earl and the Pharaoh.” Great read — even if she doesn’t need the money.

Dear diary

Complaint. Checking things on the Internet I fell across the Cut and HBO’s “Sex Diaries.” It has the “F” word spelled out repeatedly. Kids read this. Nice people read this. Is that what should be open and legible and promoted and seen when you’re searching for something on the Internet? We have drugs, marijuana, gambling, mice, filth, killings, bonkers Biden — isn’t there somebody, anybody out there to help us?

Time for the reel big stars

Michael J. Fox’s warts-Parkinson’s-and-all doc gave full access for producer Davis Guggenheim, who says: “He was stubborn. When family wanted to help him he said, ‘No poor me. No violins.’ Parkinson’s can make a pitying movie. This one’s filled with life, hope, spirit. So, if he doesn’t feel sorry for himself why should I?”

More on-screen . . .

Lady Fiona Carnarvon claimed that Highclere Castle is haunted.
Lady Fiona Carnarvon claimed that Highclere Castle is haunted.

Apple TV+’s “Truth Be Told” third season added Gabrielle Union to Octavia Spencer’s whodunit series. Truth be told Reese Witherspoon who produces it — because she’s producing everything — says: “Truth be told, Octavia just loves the concept of solving crimes.”

Even more …

Laura Dern plays Hugh Jackman’s ex-wife in “The Son.” Anthony Hopkins plays Hugh’s father. It deals with a tough teenager.

Laura: “My parents are real-life Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern. Actors. Good fortune as parents is they always examined themselves and their vulnerabilities. My mother who saw challenges of her 11-year-old become an actress was not all that supportive at first.

The producer of Michael J. Fox's documentary said the star was "stubborn" about accepting help.
The producer of Michael J. Fox’s documentary said the star was “stubborn” about accepting help.
Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

“There’s fragility in a mother who wants to fix everything. In mental health, there is such a stigma around it. I related to that ‘taking on of blame’ part of parenting. We must learn to take that away.”

Jedi trinkets

“Star Wars” fans can now get limited offers of some rocket and watch thing that’s part of a Boba Fett collection. Not sure there’ll be a gigantic maniacal stampede to grab this whatever but — should you care — it “captures his starship in detail.” Made of titanium, plus something called PVD, the gizmo’s weathered to look like it’s flown through several galaxies.

May the force of bread — big bread — be with you. Price: $120,000.

Listen, maybe someday we end up learning outer space geeks are not as smart as we earthlings. Maybe they’re even as dumb as politicians. But wise brains ask: Anybody ever hear of one Martian or Jupiterean blowing big-time outer space money to fly all the way down here just to meet some CEO or plumber from Queens?

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.


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