Only one solution to border crisis — enforce the border

In 1907, its busiest year, 1,004,756 migrants arrived at Ellis Island.

In fiscal year 2022, 2.76 million migrants were seen entering the southern border — and that’s just the ones we know about.

This is an immigration wave unprecedented in American history.

It is also illegal.

These migrants aren’t applying for green cards or legal residency. If they were, they’d have to wait their turn before living in the United States. Instead, they’ve been coached to request asylum, a program meant for refugees facing political or religious persecution at home.

Many, if not all, of these migrants don’t qualify. But it will take five years of court hearings to determine that, and by that point they will be living here permanently, illegally, in blue cities and states that refuse to deport them.

As border cities face even larger caravans in the next few weeks, expect the administration and their media allies to claim that Republicans oppose “immigration reform” and “solutions” to the problem.

This is an unprecedented amount of migration in the country.
In fiscal year 2022, 2.76 million migrants were seen entering the southern border.

This is pure rubbish. Because the Democratic Party’s definition of “reform” is mass amnesty for everyone already in the US, and money to let even more in.

They make emotional appeals for the “Dreamers,” saying they shouldn’t be held accountable for parents who crossed the border illegally. But then the definition of Dreamer is extended to those parents as well. And the ranks of Dreamers grow exponentially each year.

Consider the actions of the progressives of New York’s City Council, who tried to make it legal for noncitizens to vote. To them there is no difference between legal and illegal immigrant, or even citizen and noncitizen. The border crisis, as they see it, is one of paperwork.

And note the administration’s argument before the Supreme Court to end Title 42, the directive that let the Border Patrol expel migrants under health protocols.

“The government recognizes that the end of the Title 42 orders will likely lead to disruption and a temporary increase in unlawful border crossings,” wrote Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar. “The government in no way seeks to minimize the seriousness of that problem. But the solution to that immigration problem cannot be to extend indefinitely a public-health measure that all now acknowledge has outlived its public-health justification.”

OK, so what is the solution? The Biden administration doesn’t have one, except to let everyone in.

In this case, the migrants would be turned away after entering the US.
By law, people must seek asylum in the first safe country they enter.

There is only one answer to the border crisis: Enforce the border.

By law, people must seek asylum in the first safe country they enter. So every migrant from Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, etc., should be turned away. Further, Biden could order the Border Patrol to reject group or nationalities that we know don’t qualify for asylum.

Former President Donald Trump made deals with Mexico to stem the flow from Central and South America. And by its actions, as well as its words, the administration sent the clear message that you will not be allowed in.

Biden refuses to do this. The Democrats cynically believe they are importing the voters of their future. Only electing a Republican president will truly stem the tide, and he or she will be unfairly attacked as heartless by a biased press.

So don’t be distracted by the “both sides” narrative. There is no grand immigration “deal.” Work permits, green card limits, visas, the legal status of those already here — all of these are side issues to be worked on after we stop the millions making a mockery of the immigration laws we already have.

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