One week with the new MacBook Air: Great looks, portability, and functionality


The last computer I bought was a 2018 MacBook Pro when I started writing for iMore. Although it wasn’t my first tech writing job, I wasn’t sure how much power I’d need, so I opted for the Pro. I was coming from a job at the Apple Store and used my employee discount to bring down the price. I haven’t bought a laptop since, but when the MacBook Air with M2 came out, admittedly, I was intrigued. A couple of things helped sway me in the direction of the “buy” button, and now after a week with the device, I can safely say I have no regrets.

Why I bought the MacBook Air with M2 chip

Although I’m a writer in the tech space, I don’t really need a top-of-the-line computer. My workflow probably isn’t much different from most folks who do office-type work. I use my laptop primarily for writing articles and putting them into our content management system. As I write, I also search the web and often have multiple tabs open, as I need to reference a number of resources for each article. I frequently check emails, my calendar, texts, and our work chat in Slack throughout the day, so I usually have numerous windows open while I work. I do some basic photo editing, I attend online meetings — you get it.

As a co-host of the iMore Show podcast, I use my computer and a RØDE microphone to record my portion of the show. I’m also a part-time teacher, and I use my computer to research, write, and organize my lessons. That’s pretty much the extent of my computer usage. I don’t render video or use Photoshop (or other processor-heavy creative tools). 

MacBook Air 2022 lifestyle photos

(Image credit: Karen S. Freeman)

The 2018 MacBook Pro has served me well, although I was starting to see the spinning beach ball more than I’d like. When I had many tabs open, which is common for my workflow, I’d often hear the fans gear up and the computer would freeze up immediately. 


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