Nobody wants ads on iPhone, but it’s our fault they’re coming

Over the past few weeks, the news has been circulating that Apple is working to bring more ads to the iPhone. Mark Gurman, in his newsletter for Bloomberg, revealed that top dogs at Apple are looking to increase advertising revenue by almost three times the current amount – that means more ads. Later in the newsletter, Gurman dropped the bombshell that Apple has already tested bringing ads to Apple Maps and speculated that they could also make their way to Books, Podcasts, and Apple TV.

Let’s make things clear right off the bat: this is not great news. Nobody enjoys seeing ads, not least within the stock apps for their smartphone. Especially when the company that makes your smartphone spouts privacy-focused marketing at every opportunity. And then you have to pay a premium for the privilege on devices like Apple’s best iPhones and iPads. Not cool, Apple, not cool.

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