No Response HomeKit error? Here’s the fix!


Controlling your HomeKit accessories via the Home app or with your voice with Siri is truly magical. However, that magic can quickly turn to frustration if your accessory suddenly comes down with a case of the dreaded No Response error. The No Response status not only means that you lose the ability to control your accessories but also impacts automation and scenes, which can disrupt a home.

Since HomeKit relies on various factors and involves multiple devices, tracking down an exact fix for the No Response issue can be tricky. Sometimes it’s a spotty wireless connection; the next day, it could be an issue with the Home app requiring a reboot. Don’t worry; with a little patience, you can bring your accessory back to life — just follow the steps below to get started.

First things first

iOS Automatic Updates setting displayed on an iPhone.

iOS Automatic Updates setting displayed on an iPhone. (Image credit: Future)

Before we dive into the deep stuff, there are a few simple settings that you should check on your iOS device. These include ensuring that your device is connected to your Wi-Fi network at home and checking to see if Bluetooth is on. Check out our guide: How to turn off WiFi or Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad if you need help locating these settings.


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