no plan, no hope from Biden, say blunt lefties


For Joe Biden, the calls are now coming from inside the house.

On a volatile group chat of left-leaning celebrities and Biden apparatchiks, CNN reports that anger was in the air. “Will & Grace” star Debra Messing was apparently yelling that there was no point to voting. She was “fed up!” When you’ve lost Debra Messing …

Meanwhile, former Obama political guru David Axelrod said the administration looks “out of control.”

Democrats had hoped the dramatic reversal of Roe v. Wade last month would be a boon to their prospects in November. That it would light a fire under their voters and drive them to the polls. But so far the fire from the left is directed at the White House itself. Despite a norm-exploding leak from the court, the administration still was caught flat-footed when the decision dropped — aides were literally out getting coffee — leading to the president’s weak and widely panned remarks.

Does he have a plan? Spoiler alert for those who didn’t pay attention to Afghanistan, Build Back Better, COVID or any other bungled task: He doesn’t.

Debra Messing
Debra Messing believes there is no point in voting and is “fed up!”
Getty Images/ John Lamparski

For conservatives used to a press that treats every Republican administration like a soap opera, the irony is rather delicious. You mean Democrats are dysfunctional and at each other’s throats? You don’t say.

“Any economist who says the president shouldn’t do anything on the economy should be fired,” snipes an incensed Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), in yet another tale of administration dissatisfaction. “They can be at a think tank, they can be a professor. But they shouldn’t be at the White House.”

NBC reports another House Democrat saying of his party’s president, “His numbers are in the toilet. Whatever he’s doing is not working.” With friends like these.

Republicans have considered Joe Biden an over-the-hill, vacuous non-president for years. So I guess it’s something that Democrats finally realize it, too. Members of his own party literally laugh when ask if he’s running again in 2024.

Rep. Ro Khanna
Rep. Ro Khanna vocally shares his frustration with the Biden administration.
CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Liberals are finally learning what it’s like when the courts make decisions rather than legislators. Guess what, conservatives never understood why the Supreme Court invented law from the bench. Now that they’ve finally seen common sense, liberals throw up their hands and cry “fascist!”

Seeing them fruitlessly beg Biden to do something would be a “get the popcorn!” moment for conservatives, if we weren’t paying for his incompetence in other ways. He won’t do what it takes to rein in inflation or build up oil production to lower gas prices.

What is most astounding about this administration is how absolutely impervious it is to popular sentiment. No matter how bad it gets, nobody is fired, nothing pivots, it’s like an incompetent rock of Gibraltar, unmoved and unmoving. We have heard reports that Joe Biden is angry and frustrated, especially about his numbers now being lower than Donald Trump’s, but is anyone listening? Does anyone care as he yells or do they just hand him some ice cream and get on with destroying the country?

As bad as things seem right now, and, boy howdy, are they bad, they really could get worse. That’s because Biden has never had a solid base of voters who love him. A Monmouth Poll has 88% of Americans saying we are on the wrong track. That’s unheard of, and the people saying we are on the right track might just have a broken GPS. The bottom line is that Biden is operating without a net, and nobody around him seems particularly interested in catching him as he falls.

For months there has been speculation that Biden might not run 2024: too old, too unpopular, too gaffe-prone. But today, we have to wonder if he will even make it that far. If members of his own party have so little confidence in him, if so much of the country wants a new direction, how can he possibly lead?

A U.S. Border Patrol
A US Border Patrol agent instructs asylum-seeking migrants as they line up along the border wall in Penitas, Texas.
Reuters/Adrees Latif

There was a point when Biden could have adjusted. He could have admitted the border is a crisis, he could have stopped his pricey war on fossil fuels, he could have pushed back on the excesses of lefty wokeness instead of calling half the country bigots for wanting to protect women’s sports. But he didn’t, and that time has passed. It is as if he has been standing in cement for two years and it has finally dried. Joe Biden’s presidency now sleeps with the fishes.

David Marcus is a Brooklyn-based columnist and author of “Charade: The Covid Lies That Crushed a Nation.”


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