Nintendo Switch OLED model Splatoon 3 Edition launching in August

Anyone that’s been interested in grabbing a Nintendo Switch OLED model but hasn’t made the purchase yet, you’re in luck. On Wednesday, Nintendo revealed the Nintendo Switch OLED model Splatoon 3 edition. You can take a look at the announcement trailer below, showing off different angles and decals for the console:

The Nintendo Switch OLED features a brighter OLED screen that delivers richer colors, making it fitting for the first special edition OLED to be themed after a Splatoon game. Nintendo confirmed that the Nintendo Switch OLED model Splatoon 3 Edition does not include the game, and will be launching on Aug. 26, 2022.

Nintendo also revealed a Splatoon 3 themed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and carrying case, those these will be launching on Sep. 9, 2022 alongside Splatoon 3. No prices were confirmed for either the new Nintendo Switch or the accessories, but it’s safe to expect that they’ll be in line or somewhat above the normal price for the regular versions, which is around $350 for the Nintendo Switch OLED and $70 for a Pro controller.

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