Newest iOS 16.1 beta updates battery percentage feature — it’s so much better


If you were one of those people disappointed by Apple’s reimplementation of its battery percentage feature in iOS 16, there’s some hope for you.

The iOS 16.1 beta 2 released to developers today updated the feature to be more dynamic, so the battery icon changes as your battery power goes down.

If you look at the picture above, you can see that in the new beta, the battery icon moves rather than being shown as “full” the entire time (see picture below). 

(Image credit: iMore)

Since the feature was re-introduced to users in iOS 16 about a month ago, it’s been the subject of criticism for being hard to read and downright unuseful at a glance. Our iMore contributor Karen Freeman hated the battery percentage feature (opens in new tab) when it was revealed, and I tend to agree that the first implementation had a bunch of issues. 

When you put your best iPhone (opens in new tab) in Low Power Mode, the battery icon still turns yellow as it did before, but the new version keeps changing, unlike the static old version. We will have to see exactly how this feature works as you dip lower in battery power. 

The old becomes new again


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