New York Post Letters to the Editor — July 28, 2022


The Issue: A 16-year-old who was freed without bail after allegedly attacking a subway police officer.

I hesitate to call the 16-year-old turnstile-jumping boy who allegedly brazenly pummeled and choked an NYPD cop a “thug” — only because he’d likely consider it to be a compliment (“Punk had easy pass,” July 27).

So let’s try this on for size: He and his female teenage friend, who also allegedly assaulted the officer, are fools.

I’m grateful that this incident was captured on video, but it’s also distressing that not a single citizen jumped in to assist the cop, who I’m convinced would have been shot if this punk had managed to wrest away control of his gun.

Charles Winokoor

Fall River, Mass.

On your “Punk had easy pass” story: I have lived in New York City my entire life. I was raised in a Democratic household and am a registered Democrat myself, and I’m having serious doubts about the direction the Democratic Party is going in.

Our Democratic leaders are dragging our city and state into total chaos. The midterm elections are coming very soon, and the current Democratic elected officials should be very concerned about their jobs.

The citizens of New York City and state are tired of the way the current elected officials have abandoned them. Wake up, before its too late.

Kim Cody


I don’t live in New York, but I’ve been going there yearly — sometimes twice a year with my wife to visit her family.

As a career law-enforcement officer, all I can say is that New York has really dropped the ball when it comes to criminals. I know the police officers are doing their jobs, but your elected officials are not.

I just watched a video of the 16-year-old punk and his girlfriend get into a fight with two police officers. Sure, they were arrested, but they were out the next day.

That would not happen in Polk County because we have a sheriff who has some guts. It’s time to wake up, New York.

John Candler

Lake Wales, Fla.

Teen stands in the hallway of court.
He allegedly punched a cop at the 125th Street-Lexington Avenue subway station in East Harlem.
Steven Hirsch

Reading about the teen who allegedly jumped the turnstile and fought the police while being arrested — and the female teen who allegedly did the same — should make us accept that a fear of criminal punishment needs to be instilled in our youth.

The threat of long jail time reduces the temptation to commit a crime.

It’s time to break the influence of the music and videos encouraging participation in crimes.

It’s time for parents to stop telling their children not to obey the police. It’s time to start holding the parents responsible for these kids, especially those 16 and younger.

Maybe we need to examine how to keep our youth from being criminals instead of softening the punishment.

Greg Raleigh

Washington, DC

As ill-conceived as “no-cash-bail” laws seem to be, worse has been the failure to prosecute and fairly incarcerate violent offenders.

We can and should try to continue to deal with the “root causes” of violent crime, but clearly the balance between protecting the law-abiding public from such violence and giving criminals repeated chances to behave civilly has been thrown off-kilter.

How many more innocent victims — and our beleaguered men and women in blue — have to be terrorized, assaulted and murdered before our political class seriously prioritizes the safety and welfare of our citizens over the rights of violent lawbreakers?

David Bross

Cherry Hill, NJ

A few days ago, NYPD officers were assaulted in a subway station by two youths while trying to stop them for fare evasion, and the entire incident was caught on video. Later, both youths were released for a court date.

Youths are treated with kid gloves if under a certain age, and youths committing crimes get off easy, even if the crime is of a serious nature.

Isn’t it about time for our governor to review the bail reform and juvenile laws, then go directly to the state Legislature to get weak laws changed? Or is Gov. Hochul going to remain silent about out-of-control crime?

Joseph Comperchio


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