New M2 13-inch MacBook Pro teardown shows it’s just the old one in disguise

M2 Macbook Pro 13 Inch HeroSource: Gerald Lynch / iMore

Apple’s new M2 13-inch MacBook Pro is now on sale and people are doing what they tend to do with new things — they’re taking the machine apart. The latest to take a screwdriver to Apple’s new notebook is iFixit, and the result is further confirmation that this is essentially the M1 model but with some small tweaks and a new CPU.

The Apple M2 13-inch MacBook Pro has already proven to be a controversial release thanks to performance issues caused by odd SSD decisions, but what’s it like in terms of taking it apart? iFixit confirms that the process for doing so is identical to that of the older M1 MacBook Pro, with the machines even carrying the same model number and overall construction.

Inside, it’s much the same story. The hardware cooling the new M2 chip is effectively identical to the one that is in the M1 version bar what appears to be a slight cosmetic change. That might explain why new throttling issues are already being reported, but we still need more data to know for sure.

iFixit tried swapping an M2 chip into an old M1 MacBook Pro and found that it wouldn’t work, as expected, but it appears that’s all down to software locks applied to the trackpad of all things. In fact, iFixit believes that this machine could be one that allows for various parts to be easily replaced — if it wasn’t for those software locks. It’ll be interesting to see if the new 13-inch MacBook Pro is added to Apple’s at-home repair program in the future.

Overall, in some ways, this is the best Mac that most people can buy right now thanks to that M2 chip, but the rest of the build is disappointing for all kinds of reasons. This video further confirms that people who don’t want the Pro name should probably wait for the new M2 MacBook Air to arrive next month instead.

If reports are correct, that’ll happen on July 15.

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