New iPhone games to play this week — Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales, NBA Clash and Marvel Snap (again)

Another week, another flurry of new games on the App Store to wade through – but fear not! We’re here to cut through the noise and recommend the only three games you need this weekend. 

And if you’re not into what we’ve got for you below, have a look at our all-time best iPhone games and best iPad games lists; there’s sure to be something that’ll tickle your fancy. Read on for what’s fresh and exciting on the App Store this week. 

 Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales 

Strange Things: Puzzle Tales screenshots

(Image credit: Netflix Inc)

It’s second-time lucky for Stranger Things fans as this great little puzzle-battler returns  — this time as part of your Netflix subscription within Netflix Games. Puzzle Tales was once on the ‘normal’ App Store with in-app purchases, but now it’s part of Netflix’s growing games library it’s got a new lease of life and no prompts to try and take your hard-earned cash.

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