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Welcome to Socialite Life’s Male Model Monday!

Who is ready for some sizzling photos and a video of some very hot male models?

Every week we feature our favorite male models who are bound to get you all tingly. This week we bring you Nacho Penin, Michael Yerger, Rumen Radev, and more!

Check out the pics and videos!

Dan Zsolt in the mirror.

Stefano Tomadini works out.

Enrique Dustin hikes up the shorts.

Nacho Penin for DSquared.

Ikce Wicasa on a bike.

Frederico Cola in his Calvins.

Mason McKendrick is ready.

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Scott Morton

Michael Yerger is overheated.

Chris Araya-Colvin stretches.

Rumen Radev is sweating.



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