Mike Brewer’s big interview part 1: the Wheeler Dealer’s Life In Cars


Mike Brewer big interview part 1 – the Wheeler Dealer’s Life In Cars. Known for being the frontman of TV show Wheeler Dealers since it began almost 20 years ago, Mike had already been the presenter of Driven, Deals on Wheels and numerous other shows. Following on from the Car Cave private garage tour of Mike’s workshop, this is the Idol Chat interview, where Jonny Smith brings his terrible brown chairs to ask personal questions to a prominent face in the automotive community.

If you do not have the patience to watch the entire video (which I urge you to do), here are the sections you can skip to to hear about the specific topics covered:


0:00 Intro

0:28 Disappointed Mike

2:00 The lock-up

2:18 Chair build


4:40 Mike’s Dad

6:00 Falling in love with cars

6:48 Mike’s first deals

8:55 A strange business

10:00 Days off?

11:00 I like people

12:44 I read insatiably

13:55 What are you doing now?

14:23 Bought a wrecked 15-bed manor house!

16:00 Life before WD

17:03 Job on Top Gear

19:55 Clarkson arguments

21:40 WD goes to USA

24:40 American car culture

27:40 Trolling

Watch part 2 here.


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