Mike Brewer (the Wheeler Dealer). His personal car garage


What does Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer’s personal car garage look like?

If you are not sure who Mike Brewer is, Mike (born 28 August 1964) is an English car trader turned presenter of motoring television programmes. He currently presents Wheeler Dealers on the Discovery Channel with Marc “Elvis” Priestley. Known for being the frontman of TV show Wheeler Dealers since it began almost 20 years ago, Mike had already been the presenter of Driven, Deals on Wheels and numerous other shows. But what does the veteran car dealer keep in his own garage?

It was interesting to hear that Mike’s also got several other Porsche’s not featured here. Jonny Smith and his The Late Brake Show was invited to see Mike Brewer’s personal car collection and stealth garage, before sitting down to talk to him.

If you do not have the patience to watch the entire video here are the sections you can skip to, to hear about the specific cars featured:


0:00 Intro

1:27 Ford Ranger Raptor

2:14 Land Rover Defender

2:45 The workshop

4:05 1982 Porsche SC resto-mod

7:25 Porsche 912E

9:48 Porsche 928

12:44 1959 MGA

16:51 Mk1 Ford Transit

20:05 Land Rover 110 Defender

21:55 Alexa abuse

22:32 1964 Mini Cooper S

25:40 Porsche Taycan

29:28 What else does he own?

30:30 Honda Motocompo


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