Microsoft’s weird anti-AirPods are half price at Amazon

What Apple does, Microsoft has to try it too. The Surface line of laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and audio gear seem to (for the most part) be Microsoft’s version of Apple’s most popular hardware. Aluminum-bodied laptops, desktops designed for artists, etc. They even joined in the AirPod headphone game, with the Surface headphones and the Surface Earbuds. Featuring unique designs and slick touch controls, the Surface Earbuds seem like nothing to sniff at – especially now that they’re less than $100.

Surface Earbuds for under $100

These are some weird headphones with a strange shape and even stranger ear-insertion method. They are, in many ways, most similar to the AirPods 2. They don’t seal in the ear, so there is a lot of ambient noise. There’s no noise canceling, and they rely on touch panels on the buds themselves to control media and calls. They were also $100 more expensive than the AirPods 2 – until now.

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