Mayor Adams’ wake-up on migrant flights


Doesn’t Mayor Adams read The Post?

He must have missed the past nine months of our reporting on Joe Biden’s secret midnight flights bringing illegal migrants to New York from the southern border practically every night.

He must have missed our reports on charter buses dropping them off at city-owned affordable housing in The Bronx and Yonkers, or at nonprofits in Queens and Newburgh, or at a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike.

All of a sudden, it’s a big surprise to him when illegal migrants overwhelm city resources? Hard to believe.
Maybe, instead of partying at Zero Bond into the wee hours he could ask the mayoral limo to drive him to White Plains Airport or Stewart International Airport in the Hudson Valley one night where he could watch migrant flights land, typically from the Texas border town of Harlingen via El Paso and Jacksonville, Fla.

The federal government pays for these flights operated by four airlines, Aero, Avelo, World Atlantic Airways and a new Canadian operator, Global X, which are getting rich facilitating a border invasion on the taxpayer dime.

Ol’ Joe’s pal

But Adams doesn’t want to blame his friend, President Biden, for this unwelcome burden on city resources, so he’s falsely claiming Texas and Arizona caused the problem.

How dumb does he think we are?

It’s not Texas or Arizona sending thousands of illegal migrants to New York unannounced. It’s Joe Biden, who flung open the southern border on his first day in office, allowing in more than 3 million illegal migrants and counting. His administration has been efficient only at dispersing them around the country to avoid the bad optics of overcrowded detention centers at the border. It sets them free on an honor system to show up at court in a year or two — or, more likely, never.

That means every state is a border state and Biden’s problem is now Adams’ problem.
At a press conference Tuesday, the mayor begged for “additional federal resources immediately” because the city’s social safety net is struggling to cope with a “marked increase in the number of asylum-seekers who are arriving from Latin America and other regions” — 2,800 in recent weeks, he says. That would be about 13 planeloads — just a couple of weeks’ worth of Biden’s flights.

The federal government pays for migrant flights operated by four airlines, Aero, Avelo, World Atlantic Airways and Global X.
Christopher Sadowski
Eric Adams
Mayor Eric Adams blames Texas and Arizona for New York’s influx of migrants.
Dennis A. Clark

Adams likes to call illegal migrants “asylum-seekers” to hide the fact that they are almost entirely economic migrants who broke the law to enter the country. You can’t blame them for wanting a better life in America, but they have to do it legally, or we won’t have a country.

“Families are arriving on buses sent by the Texas and Arizona governments, while in other cases, it appears that individuals are being sent by the federal government,” said Adams. “These states are sending people to New York without any communication or coordination: fact. We’re not receiving any dollars in addition to the new responsibility that we’re going to have: fact.”

Well, it’s a fact that New York gets no dollars, nor any heads up about the thousands of illegals dumped on our doorstep every month. But it’s the Biden administration that’s doing it.

Message to Dem cities

The governors of Texas and Arizona categorically deny sending migrants to New York, although they have bussed a few thousand to Washington, DC, to make a point to the feds that the border states are under siege. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser was whining about it on the weekend, now her city’s homeless shelters are overrun.

Abbott has no sympathy: “If these Democrat mayors are now that concerned about having migrants in their cities, they should call on President Biden to do his job and secure the border.”

Charter buses
The charter buses drop migrants off at city-owned affordable housing in New York.
Christopher Sadowski

But telling Biden to secure the border is the last thing Democratic loyalists Adams and Bowser will do. They blame the victims while covering up for the feckless president who caused the disaster.

Border Patrol now is so overwhelmed that illegal migrants are being released without COVID-19 tests or adequate security checks because they have been coached by cartel people smugglers to destroy their identity documents to claim asylum. It’s the same game all over the world.

Once here, they receive free housing, medical care, food, education, legal services and other benefits. Resources are finite but the flood of “asylum-seekers” is not. It is the city’s homeless who miss out.

So, yes, Adams should be hopping mad, as should every New Yorker. But unlike Adams, we expect our hard-earned tax dollars to help Americans down on their luck, not so the whole world can get a free ride


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