Mayor Adams should withdraw his Hochul endorsement


Mayor Eric Adams has shown he puts the city’s welfare above party politics, but to keep that up, he needs to rescind his endorsement of fellow Democrat Kathy Hochul in the governor’s race.

Adams has a long record of acting independently, in a nonpartisan way, on behalf of the city. Indeed, New Yorkers elected him because he refused to cave to the Democrats’ progressive base on key issues like crime.

He’s also pursued good relations with businesses, unlike other Dems, and called for a leaner, less expensive bureaucracy (practically unheard from his party mates). He’s backed moderates over Dems who tilt far left.

“I just want reasonable thinking lawmakers. I want people that are responding to the constituents,” he said. Last year, he called himself the new “face of the Democratic Party.”

Hochul, meanwhile, has stood in his way or, at best, proved too weak to see his agenda through. She failed to ensure that he’ll get to keep running city schools for his entire four-year term, agreeing instead to limit it to two years, so he’ll have to plead again to retain power in 2024.  

She took the teachers-union side over his on reducing class sizes, a costly step that would boost union membership but harm kids. She acquiesced to the Legislature’s $4 billion tax hike last year, which hit city residents disproportionately.

Most important, she’s blocked fixes he wants to the state’s disastrous criminal-justice laws, like cashless bail. She’s said she needs more data, though Adams himself has presented compelling stats on the harm those laws have caused and begged for changes. Adding insult to injury, she’s even pretended she’s already done all that’s necessary.

Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul
Mayor Adams has endorsed Hochul in the NY governor race over GOP candidate Lee Zeldin.
Matthew McDermott for NY Post

It’s not just that Hochul puts politics first but that she’s yet to show she has the firepower, or will, to win over lawmakers on significant issues.

Sure, Adams has a better relationship with Hochul than did Mayor Bill de Blasio with Gov. Andrew Cuomo. But that’s a pathetically low bar. And what good is it when she won’t, or can’t, help with any of his priorities?

Hizzoner might figure Hochul’s likely to win, so better to stay on her good side. But if she does win, what incentive has she got politically to help Adams and face a firestorm from the lefty mafia that runs Albany?

Yes, the governor is vital to the mayor’s success in bringing sanity and safety back to New York City — but so far he’s stood silent as she keeps sinking him, without so much as a whimper. Far better to take a principled stand, explain why she’s lost his support — and insist she won’t get it back until she does right by the city.


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