Mario Kart Tour to remove a controversial feature


What you need to know:

  • Mario Kart Tour is the first entry in the series to  appear on mobile devices.
  • The game sparked controversy due to its randomized paid “gacha” mechanic, where players could pay in premium currency to acquire drivers and kart parts.
  • Nintendo recently announced changes to the game, several years after its launch.

Mario Kart Tour, on paper, sounds like the dream — it’s the classic chaotic multiplayer experience of Mario Kart on a convenient mobile device. However, being free-to-play meant that it aimed to earn money through microtransactions in the form of loot boxes. 

Players could use the premium currency, Rubies, to use a green pipe à la Mario Bros., and pull it down to make a new item shoot out. This item could be a random kart racer or random kart parts, emulating the “gacha” mechanic popularized by gachapon machines. 


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