Make your desk a little more colorful with this 8-core iMac 24-inch deal at Amazon|replace({“|”:”|”})

The iMac 24-inch is a very colorful computer, and one loved for not only its sleek design but also its surprising processing oomf. The 8-core version here will buzz through all but the heaviest of workloads and make light work of most people’s average use. This deal makes them a whole lot more affordable, too, with $100 off. The iMac currently then costs $1399 – but you’re going to have to be quick because stock seems to be getting low, and there are only the Blue, Green, and Silver colors left at this lower price.

iMac 24-inch 8-core $100 off

The iMac 24-inch is one of the best Macs out there for almost everyone, with its slim all-in-one shape conserving space on desks, its powerful internals suiting most use cases, and its attractive colors fitting with any decor. It’s usually fairly well priced, too, catering to a wide variety of users. This deal obviously makes that little bit more affordable than usual as well, letting you get the more powerful 8-core model for a little less than usual. 

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