MacBook Air M2 is back to its lowest price ever, and it’s better value than the new iPad Pro


The MacBook Air has seen several discounts over the time it’s been out, but the current price at Amazon remains its best price ever. This price also makes it less expensive than the iPad Pro – and we think it’s a far more worthy way to spend your money if you’re looking for a more productive device. Keep in mind that this price does pop up quite a bit, but when it does, it doesn’t stick around for very long. 

MacBook Air M2 a better option than the iPad Pro M2

The iPad Pro M2 is geared toward mobile productivity, with the M2 chip, available Magic Keyboard case, and larger-than-normal 12.9-inch display. It has more laptop-like features with iPadOS 16, such as Stage Manager, along with its massive storage options. Here’s the thing, however – unless you’re married to the idea of a touch screen on your laptop, the MacBook Air M2 does everything the iPad does and more – and it does it all better.


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