MacBook Air M1 returns to lowest price ever a week after the Prime Day sale in the MacBook deal of the year


This MacBook Air deal is pretty excellent and comes only a week after it went back up to full price. If you missed out on this offer in the Prime Day sales, then this is your opportunity to bag one of the best laptop deals of the year, saving $200 on the M1 MacBook Air. That makes the laptop $799, bringing it into contention for the best mid-range laptop out there, giving you a sleek aluminum shell and Apple’s M1 chip that, despite its age, continues to impress. This price was last seen only last week, and then previous to that during last year’s Black Friday sales. We’re not sure how long this price will last, so grab one while they’re still hot.

MacBook Air M1 lowest price ever

The MacBook Air M1 may not be pushing two years old, but it is still a very powerful ultra-portable laptop. It’s super slim, with an ever-impressive Retina display. The keyboard is one of the best in a slim laptop. You may be wanting for ports with only the two USB-C ports on the side, so we’d recommend picking up one of the best USB hubs for MacBook Air to go with your computer.


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