M2 MacBook Air preorders are starting to ship

M2 Macbook Air OpenSource: Gerald Lynch / iMore

Some lucky MacBook Air customers are already starting to see their preorders ship.

When Apple announced the latest generation of the MacBook Air at WWDC earlier last month, it revealed the largest design upgrade ever for its consumer-focused notebook. The new MacBook Air adopts the design language of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro and adds a larger display, M2 processor, and brings back the era of MagSafe charging. It’s also the first MacBook Air that you can upgrade up to 24GB of memory.

For some lucky customers who were among the first to preorder the new MacBook Air, Apple is already shipping their new notebook their way (as spotted by MacRumors:

While it’s always exciting to see a new product get closer to customers, this is an expected update. Apple usually ships its new products a few days before they are officially released to ensure that the order gets to the customer exactly on release day. Sometimes, some of those preorder customers might even get lucky and see their new product show up before release day.

Preorders for the new MacBook Air are still available if you still want to get a reservation in before the notebook is officially released online and in Apple Stores on Friday, July 15.

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