Loops Guided Fitness app: Utilize your HRV to optimize training

The all-new Loops Guided Fitness platform soft-launched in early 2021 but officially debuted in June of this year. It’s exclusive to the Apple Watch and utilizes your Watch’s HRV (heart rate variability) readings to provide personalized daily training plans. It lets you know when it’s time to push yourself in a workout, take an active recovery day, or a full rest day so you’re utilizing your body’s cues to reach your health and fitness goals more efficiently. Let’s dive into it a bit more so you can get the full picture.

What is HRV? 

Heart rate variability is the fluctuation of time in between heartbeats. Your HRV changes throughout the day depending on your physical and mental health, and it’s a metric your best Apple Watch is already collecting and storing in the Health App on your iPhone. Loops founders Sarah Mace and Mike Morra believe HRV is the most invaluable yet underutilized health metric available today.

Why use HRV?

Loops app for Apple Watch

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Utilizing your HRV for daily personalized health insights and workout recommendations enables you to reach your goals more efficiently because it lets you know what your body truly needs, so you’re working with it, not against it. Even though you might want to go all out in a workout, your body may need to prioritize recovery. If you pay attention and abide by your body’s natural cues, you’re much less prone to injury and much more likely to meet your goals.

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