Lewis Hamilton breaks his silence on why his Apple TV+ F1 movie won’t suck like all the others


Apple TV+ confirmed this week that it has picked up a new Formula One movie starring Brad Pitt with racing driver Lewis Hamilton involved in the project. Now, the F1 champion has broken his silence on the project to explain why he thinks his movie will be better than all the ones that came before it.

While little is known about the Apple TV+ movie, we do know that Pitt will star as a driver who comes out of retirement “to compete alongside a rookie driver against the titans of the sport.” Now, Hamilton has spoken to Sky Sports about the project, although he didn’t seem keen to spill the beans too much. He did, however, give us an inkling as to what we can expect from the untitled movie — spectacle.

Hamilton says that previous F1 movies haven’t been “spectacular” and that’s something that he wants to change this time around. He also spoke about his intention to make sure that the movie, both in front of the screen and behind, is as diverse as possible. The Brit has long been outspoken about such things and is keen to make sure that continues.

Unfortunately, it sounds like those hoping to see a cameo from the driver will be left disappointed — Hamilton says he doesn’t intend to be involved in an acting capacity, although that could change. When asked when filming would begin, no answer was given and anything could change between filming starting and the movie landing on our screens.

We will get to see Hamilton on our screens eventually, though. The driver is the subject of an Apple TV+ documentary that will include “full access to Hamilton and his team, on and off the track, and an all-star cast of guest interviews.”

When that will be, nobody knows. We do know that you will need an Apple TV+ subscription to watch it, however. The $4.99 per month subscription is among the best value in the business, especially when taken as part of the Apple One subscription bundle.

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