Letters to the Editor — Sept. 7, 2022

The Issue: Allegations that a top agent tried to stifle an investigation into Hunter Biden’s business activities.

Kudos to The Post (the only fairly reporting paper today) for its story regarding the FBI allegedly covering up Hunter Biden’s shady deals, along with his father’s and uncle’s (“Hunter G-man’s buried treasure,” Miranda Devine, Sept. 5).

This isn’t the FBI I remember. The agency is supposed to be non-political, but this administration has used it as its personal Gestapo. The president’s speech in Philadelphia was also a total disgrace and insulted every American.

We need to put the “I” for “investigation” back into the FBI, right away.

Bob Donner

Eatontown, NJ

Miranda Devine’s column accusing the Justice Department and the FBI of interfering with an election by omission was too gentle.

Although she mentioned ex-agent Timothy Thibault, she didn’t point out that his alleged acts of suppressing evidence were acts of commission, not of omission.

If no one is above the law, why was he permitted to resign instead of being indicted for obstruction of justice?

C. Paul

Great Neck

Miranda Devine once again does an admirable job keeping the spotlight on the Bidens’ financial chicanery.

All Americans should be very concerned about the politicization of the FBI and the entire Department of Justice. The FBI probe, which began in 2019, has gone nowhere. It seems as though it will (like Hillary’s emails) ultimately be deep-sixed forever.

Perhaps if the Republicans win the House in November, a congressional hearing can be held with Hunter’s associate Tony Bobulinski as the star witness. Following such a hearing, a genuine impeachment trial can commence.

Robert Mangi

The evidence seems clear that both Joe and Hunter Biden were involved in a Chinese energy firm. And whistleblower Tony Bobulinski claimed “the Big Guy” who was allegedly to receive 10% of the deal was Hunter’s dad.

But if Bobulinski was well aware of Joe being involved, then why did he wait until days before the 2020 election before coming forward?

Ron Zajicek

The Issue: The governor’s dodging of questions from reporters at the West Indian Day Parade.

You can run but you can’t hide, Gov. Hochul (“High-tail it out of NYC, Kat”, Sept. 6).

You can’t avoid debating Lee Zeldin. You can’t hide from a heckler. The polls are tightening, governor. Your once-large lead is now down to four points and trending south (maybe to Florida, which you hate so much).

Governor, you’re lucky so far that liberal New Yorkers vote with their bleeding hearts and not with their heads.

Gov. Kathy Hochul avoided answering questions from reporters during the West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn.
Gov. Kathy Hochul avoided answering questions from reporters during the West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn.
Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

But who knows? Maybe New Yorkers are getting tired of crime on the streets and in the subways, tired of obscene taxes, tired of the teachers’ union taking away the right to a free-thinking education.

And it sure doesn’t help that you were seen with the provocateur Rev. Al Sharpton.

J.R. Cummings

No wonder Gov. Hochul dashed away from the West Indian Day Parade and ignored questions from the crowd. She has squandered her credibility on stupidity, like the law she signed banning use of the word “salesman” in state laws.

Why not legally change the designation of “chairman” to “chairperson”? That will enhance the future of our graduates and lower crime in New York City.

Martin Garfinkle

Staten Island

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