Letters to the Editor — Sept. 5, 2022

The Issue: President Biden’s criticism of “MAGA Republicans” during a speech on Thursday.

In January 2021, at his inaugural address, President Biden professed that he was going to heal the soul of the nation and unite the country (“Biden: It’s MAGA-lomania!” Sept. 2).

On Thursday night, in a hateful, divisive speech Biden called half the country an “extremist threat to our democracy.”

At the podium, I saw a hate-filled man pouring gasoline on the political divide in our nation.

There was no olive branch, just divisive political rhetoric clearly meant to fire-up the liberal base before the midterms. The delusional old man sold his soul to the radicals in his own party. I have never heard a more divisive speech by any president in my life.

Michael Hart

Kokomo, Ind.

I couldn’t agree more with Biden when he said to the nation: “Together we can choose a different path.” So on Election Day 2022, gather all your family members and friends and vote every Democrat across the board out of office.

It’s their policies that have cost the average household more than $5,000 on living costs this year thanks to inflation.

Mike Franza, Sr.


Biden called MAGA Republicans “a threat to the very foundation of our republic.”
Biden called MAGA Republicans “a threat to the very foundation of our republic.”
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President Biden’s so-called “Soul of the Nation” speech is just the latest example of a politician who desperately wants Americans to ignore the dystopian catastrophe that his presidency represents.

His speech did nothing to bring Americans together, as he promised when he took office, and represents yet more snarky prevarication.

It is pathetic to hear Biden talk about togetherness and unity.

The anti-American far left has taken control of the Democratic Party and has torn the country asunder with its ceaseless efforts to extirpate the true soul of America.

To hear him speak of “saving” the nation’s soul while simultaneously vilifying at least half of America’s citizens is emetic.

Veracity and compassion have never been among Biden’s attributes, and this latest bushwa does nothing to change that reality.

James McCaffrey


So Biden thinks that “MAGA Republicans” (deplorables) are “a threat to the very foundation of our republic.”

Biden apparently didn’t learn a thing from Hillary Clinton in 2016. He is most likely compromised by China and obviously would not be in office without the censorship of Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal, facilitated by Mark Zuckerberg.

The “deplorables” will have their say in November as well as in 2024.

Don Whitman

Cross River

“The Great Unifier” has spoken. In the spirit of Hillary Clinton and her “deplorables” label, the president has maligned millions of American voters, including many Republicans who are not Donald Trump voters.

Perhaps, instead of condemning Americans who are proud of this country and its potential, he should focus on The Squad and others in his party who have nothing good to say about America its accomplishments and future.

Yakov Moshe


Mr. President, with all due respect, your speech the other night was one of the worst things I have ever heard.

I’m a veteran of the US Army and served proudly during the Vietnam War as a paratrooper. I’m also a Republican who has voted with my head for the last 55 years, and to listen to the president of the United States call me a fascist and a person who doesn’t believe in our laws was a complete insult.

Here is my advice: Make an apology to all the Americans you insulted and try to unite instead of divide — if it’s in you.

Philip Vallone


Biden, the man who said he was going to unite the country, basically got up and told 74 million Americans what Gov. Hochul told a good number of New Yorkers: If you don’t support me, you don’t belong here.

As a native Philadelphian, the heartbreak I’ve experienced until now was usually related to our sports teams. I fear this pain will be much longer lasting.

Marsha Motzen

Englewood, NJ

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