Letters to the Editor — Sept. 23, 2022

The Issue: Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit against Donald Trump for alleged business fraud.

Message to Attorney General Letitia James: Former President Donald Trump is not the problem, crime is (“ ‘Art Of The Steal’ Lawsuit,” Sept. 22).

It’s hard to believe that we have politicians who only care about power. Politicians are supposed to serve the people.

Thousands have left New York and many more will be leaving because nothing is being done about crime, and the cost of living is ridiculous. We have taxes on top of taxes.

The New York scene is being run by the Three Stooges: Gov. Hochul, Mayor Adams and AG James.

All of you should resign. And I have a message to all New Yorkers — we need a change, so vote for Rep. Lee Zeldin for governor, and do not vote for Attorney General James.

Owen Kelly

Valley Stream

James’ vendetta against Trump is flagrant political persecution.

As the top law enforcement official in New York, why is she not showing this same maniacal intensity when it comes to out-of-control crime throughout the state?

Where is she on political corruption regarding former Gov. Andrew Cuomo? Where is she on Gov. Hochul’s pay-to-play scandals, etc.?

James McCaffrey


The hit job continues. James’ totally partisan crusade to “get” Trump will persevere with no limits.

“Undervaluing his assets”? Is there a squeaky-clean company in New York that is 100% honest about its valuations?

When I see James pursue companies with Dem­ocratic leanings with the vigor she shows against Trump (if she even pursues them at all), I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. Until then, this is a total witch hunt.

Saul Mishaan


To Tish James: Thanks for wasting three years of time and taxpayers’ money on your personal pursuit of national stardom by taking down Donald Trump.

This is just another witch hunt, like the Mueller investigation.

Why doesn’t James investigate the thousands of deaths of elderly nursing home residents, the corruption in the Hochul administration or the rampant crime in New York City?

Raymond Fontana


The Issue: Gov. Hochul’s plan to put two surveillance cameras in every subway car over the next three years.

On the surface, cameras inside train cars appear to be a great idea (“MTA eyes cams for each car,” Sept. 21).

It’s not going to hurt, and possibly will help after a crime is committed. The cameras will not be manned.

But what happens to the criminal if he’s caught after the crime? In most cases, the Democratic legal system lets them go anyway.

What about camera maintenance? How long will it take to get cameras repaired after being vandalized?

Gov. Hochul wants us to think it’s going to be a game-changer. It’s not.

Robert Leavy

Middle Village

New York City leaders are going to solve the crime problem in the subway system by doing what they always do: Throwing money at it.

They are going to install two cameras in every subway car. It will cost millions and take years to complete and it will solve nothing.

The cameras will be vandalized and someone will get rich doing repairs. If anyone does get arrested as a result of the cameras, they will be released within hours.

The governor wants to look like she is tough on crime because that is the one of the top issues for voters, but she is only showing weakness by avoiding the real issue.

Robert DeCandia

New Hyde Park

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