Letters to the Editor — Sept. 16, 2022


The Issue: New guidelines requiring stronger oversight of curriculum in religious and private schools.

I would like to express my great dissatisfaction and disappointment at the photo attached to the article regarding yeshiva education (“Yeshivas must now make the grade,” Sept. 14).

Yeshiva Darchei Torah provides a full Regents program for our students. We have nine advanced placement courses, and 80% of our students graduate college.

Among our graduates are lawyers, doctors, accountants and successful business professionals. How do I know? Because my children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren have benefited and are benefiting from this education.

Yeshiva Darchei Torah went to great lengths to provide my autistic son with a high-school education when others turned us away. I am the proud president of this renowned educational institution.

I invite you to come and see for yourself what has already been lauded by Mayor Michael Bloom­berg, Gov. Hochul, Betsy DeVos and others.

Ronald Lowinger


It’s about time that the Hasidic community be required to give its children a secular education.

Hasidic families enjoy having many children, but they do not prepare them for the world outside.

Kreg Ramone


I am an alumnus of Darchei Torah Boys School. I took two AP classes and went on to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science. My friends from Darchei Torah have gone to Harvard, Columbia, Baruch and many other undergraduate and graduate-level colleges.

I believe alumni from Darchei Torah are able to attain such high academic success because of their yeshiva education, not despite it.

Our students have a rigorous schedule with a curriculum that focuses on analytical and abstract thinking. Hours are spent on reading comprehension of texts in multiple languages.

It’s no wonder that so many yeshiva students go on to become successful lawyers, build businesses, found tech companies and, most importantly, become leaders in their communities.

Perhaps New York City’s education system could learn something from our yeshivas.

Isaac Black, Lawrence

I predict weak or non-existent enforcement of these new secular-education guidelines.

The ultra-Orthodox yeshivas will be given several years (wink, wink!) to comply with the revised guidelines, just as Mayor de Blasio gave them two years to comply with the former secular guidelines several years ago, knowing he would be out of office by the time the allotted compliance period was up.

The Hasidim did not comply then, and for sure they will not comply now. The Hasidim have long been above the laws in New York, and no doubt will remain so, thanks to their bloc voting and financial strength.

Dennis Middlebrooks


Let me start by stating unequivocally that all students should learn how to read, write and speak English, perform basic life-skill math and understand history.

That being said, there is no reason they need to understand sciences that are considered heresy and violate religious tenets and standards. They do not need or want the woke adaptation of sexuality or gender identification.

There are thousands of prominent people who graduated from yeshiva and are doctors, lawyers, accountants, physical and occupational therapists, teachers, etc. — all functioning, tax-paying, contributing members of society.

Samuel Mark

West Hempstead

The news concerning secular education in Hasidic schools requires deeper examination.

The state Regents, as well as The New York Times and others, ignore the fact that standardized exams are not always culturally sensitive.

Let us not fail to recognize that Hasidic schools teach complicated measurements and formulae impacting religious law during extensive Talmud classes.

And it is important to note that public schools are not bastions of quality education, despite standardized testing. Yet again, government meddling is misguided and ill-timed.

Yakov Moshe


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