Letters to the Editor — Nov. 24, 2022


The Issue: Sen. Chuck Schumer’s claim that we need to create a path to citizenship for all illegal immigrants.

Sen. Chuck Schumer wants this country to let all illegal immigrants get an easy path to citizenship, along with Dreamers (“Chuck’s Big Immigration Confession,” Karol Markowicz, PostOpinion, Nov. 21).

Why? For votes, of course.

He said we need to let them in because we need workers and because American citizens aren’t having enough children to populate this country for a future work force.

Is he insane? How did he think this thought process would be acceptable to hard-working Americans and families that procreate according to their ability to raise children, financially and morally?

He should be ashamed of himself, but he thinks he’s brilliant and caring. He is arrogant, self-centered, vindictive and just plain annoying. Really wish he would just disappear.

Jean Cole

Juno Beach, Fla.

Benedict Arnold’s treachery pales in comparison to Schumer’s offer of amnesty to the invading hordes.

Who needs a Trojan horse when the city gates have been obliterated by the scary clown in the White House?

Keep immigration safe and legal.

James Evans

Worcester, Mass.

I wish to thank Karol Markowicz for her commentary addressing Schumer’s admission that the Democrats’ agenda is clearly all demographics.

It is clearly about building their party’s base and pushing the Democrats further and further toward an ideological cliff.

The Democrats have admitted to wanting open borders, where anyone who gets through can become a legal citizen.

Now is the time to stand up and speak out against this ridiculous agenda on the part of Biden Democrats, who believe a nation can exist without borders.

The Republican Party that just took over the House needs to do something more than throw out meaningless sound bites.

I have no idea why Schumer blurted out the truth, but now it’s out there, and we know his agenda is unsustainable for the nation’s survival.

Salvator Giarratani

Boston, Mass.

Karol Markowicz’s article hit the bulls-eye. The Democrats have always wanted open borders and new voters, but also to play both sides, so as to not offend — until now.

Yes, immigration built this country, and it has thrived and prospered from the diverse and talented people who came to our shores. It has been, however, a relatively slow and regulated process that has allowed America to absorb and welcome newcomers who have contributed to its future.

What is happening now is a massive influx of non-English-speakers, with minimum education and skills, flooding over our southern border and overloading our neighborhoods, schools and hospitals. And many need public assistance. The Democrats apparently don’t care, since it doesn’t impact their lifestyles.

The people who do care are the immigrants who have come to America through proper channels and procedures and are presently living the American dream. When these people speak up, as did Markowicz, things will change for the better. Thank you.

Kenneth P. Lebeck


First of all, anything Karol Markowicz writes is terrific.

Schumer is a politician who never sticks to what he has said, and that goes back to 1998.

In 2014, Schumer was for securing the border under then-President Barack Obama. Here we are, almost nine years later, and Chuck now insists that immigration should be open, simply because Americans fail to produce in the labor force and immigrants will take up all that slack.

Flip-flop Schumer is now 100% for anyone crossing the border and becoming a citizen ASAP.

Ron Zajicek, Cortlandt

Chuck’s rationale is just a smoke screen to create massive confusion on the borders.

That mindset, if unchecked, will destroy America. Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky certainly must be the guiding light of the Democratic Party leadership.

Bill Stahl

Harrisburg, Pa.

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