Letters to the Editor — June 22, 2022


The Issue: Piers Morgan’s piece calling for Republicans to support Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Piers Morgan is spot-on when he argues that it is time for a move from The Donald to The Ronald (“Move over, Don — Ron can take it from here,” June 21).

If Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump decide to run for the presidency in 2024, Trump will be hard-pressed to disparage the governor without reconfirming to all what an erratic, petulant and petty person he can often be.

It won’t play well — and I say this as someone who voted for the former president in 2016 and 2020.

Raymond Goydon

Delray Beach, Fla.

The fact that DeSantis bested Trump in the Western Conservative Summit straw poll of 2024 presidential candidates clearly indicates that The Donald could be replaced by The Ronald.

Although most Republicans see coordinated Democrat chicanery in the 2020 election, they were put off by 45’s reckless attempt to get his vice president, Mike Pence, to overturn the election results.

The Republican presidential bench is deep, but the alleged kingmaker still wants to be the king.

The GOP has a problem on its hands, which the Jan. 6 committee might solve for it.

James Hyland


Morgan did an excellent job of comparing and contrasting DeSantis and Trump.

DeSantis is the real deal: a politician who sees the larger picture and moves his party to help meet the challenges.

Trump is a one-note buffoon. I voted for him twice; however, if he gets the nomination for 2024, I will stay home, as will millions of others sick of Trump’s delusions. This will ensure any Democrat will win the White House.

I used to have a friend, a rabid Trumper, who cannot win arguments on truth. I asked him: “Why should people support Trump when he offers only his belief that the 2020 election was stolen?” Out came the insults and demands. Typically, like all Trumpers, he could not deal with criticism of his man.

I had my disagreements with DeSantis early on, but have come to the conclusion he is the only candidate who can right the ship of state. Trump will scuttle it.

Stephen Valentini

Bonita Springs, Fla.

Morgan is 100% correct. We need a president with high intelligence in the Oval Office, as our present predicament makes all too obvious.

DeSantis is not only far more intelligent than Trump, but also more firmly grounded in reality and more ethical and disciplined.

Paul Matten

Naples, Fla.

The Issue: Reports that principals in some city schools are encouraging teachers to pass absent students.

The pressure on teachers to pass students who rarely attended class is one more result of an education policy that holds schools solely responsible for students’ education (“Teachers ‘pressured’ to give free ‘passes,’ ” June 19).

If the school does not graduate or promote the designated percentages of students, it will be labeled failing and closed.

While schools can graduate an empty seat, they can’t teach an empty seat. A wrap-around approach (to borrow a bureaucratic term) must be taken to education where all parties — parents, community and school — are responsible.

Richard Kiley

Boston, Mass.

What a disgrace that principals are instructing teachers to give passing grades to students who did not attend class or do much work, if any.

How does that help the student? How do principals and teachers who acquiesce to such ill-conceived schemes sleep at night? Those in the education field should know better, but apparently don’t.

Kevin Devlin

Milton, Mass.

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