Letters to the Editor — June 22, 2022


The Issue: Mayor Adams’ reversal of his plan to have officers patrol the subway solo after one was assaulted.

The ill-conceived plan to put solo patrols on the subways produced the inevitable result on Day One of its implementation — an officer assaulted and seriously injured (“ ‘First day’ solo subway cop assaulted,” June 22).

Solo patrols might have been feasible back when criminals actually respected the police, but former Mayor Bill de Blasio & Co. put an end to that in short order.

The mutants who infest our city are keenly aware of the shackles that have been stupidly placed on the police, and they are taking full advantage and running amok.

An effective NYPD is the only hope for restoring order to this city. None of the crime-fighting strategies being put out will be successful unless legislation is enacted that protects and supports the men and women on the front lines who are trying to do what has become an impossible job.

Thomas Urban


Another brainstorm by Mayor Adams! Let’s put cops on patrol in the subway system solo.

What an idiotic idea, and as predicted, a police officer on solo patrol was assaulted.

Wake up, Adams, and let the police department run itself. Obviously you have no idea what you’re doing to combat crime. Why not reach out to some other retired NYPD so they can tell you how to take the city back and make it safe again?

Gene O’Brien


Adams’ recent decision to put police officers on solo patrols showed how out-of-touch he is with the city.

It’s true that some residents don’t ride the subway because of crime, but he needs to start with tackling the basics, like fare evasion, recidivist offenders and the homelessness and mental illness that rule the city.

He needs to get the district attorneys to prosecute offenders. He should take a subway train to Police Plaza and see the police officers who have been killed in the line of duty since 2000. Go to the lobby and look at all the plaques that fill the walls.

Joseph Pignataro


Adams said he walked solo when he was an officer. But that was another time, Mr. Mayor — different from today’s unsettling climate of police and court reforms.

Billy Rath

Brick, NJ

NYPD officer
On Day 1 of Adams’ new initiative, an NYPD officer was assaulted.
Paul Martinka

The Issue: Success Academy’s decision to end its requirement for kids to be vaxxed or tested for COVID.

Success Academy schools have beaten out the city Department of Education in reaching the realization that making students take the COVID­-19 vaccine is a terrible policy that parents and kids don’t want (“Success Academy to lift student COVID-19 vaccine mandate,” June 20).

Huge credit for this policy victory goes to anti-mandate activists.

The vaccine mandate created an atmosphere in which unvaccinated parents and students were made to feel left out and bullied. I’m so glad to know that, at least at Success Academy, these mandates for kids are now a thing of the past.

The schools chancellor and our mayor now need to do the same because as we all know, there is never any situation where bullying is OK. Eventually, all our children deserve an apology.

Diane Pagen


Thank you for reporting on Success Academy lifting its COVID-19 vaccine mandates for children.

This was a very disturbing trend, and I was heartened to see that a group of dedicated parents were able to express their concerns to the school board, and that the board heard their well-reasoned arguments and responded with the appropriate decision.

Children do not need these injections, and testing and masking are also not needed for children.

Bill Cote, Manhattan

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