Letters to the Editor — June 12, 2022

Border madness

The parades of migrants flocking to our southern border are unprecedented (“Migrants on the march,” June 7).

Currently, there is a caravan of approximately 15,000 migrants plodding toward the border, fully expecting entry into the United States, solidified by the perceived welcome that President Joe Biden has conveyed to them.

Biden and his administration have openly facilitated the unvetted entry of these migrant caravans in a manner that is defiantly callous to the overall stability of our country and citizens.

What makes this such a costly, deplorable charade is that it is solely being orchestrated for the purpose of potential partisan votes, with total disregard for the intrinsically evil human suffering consistent with unconstrained migration.

Denis David

East Rockaway

School chaos

The Post’s reporting on the chaos in New York City public schools due to fewer suspensions serves as a microcosm of the left’s obsession with trying to “remedy” disparate impact (“School’s out — of control,” June 5).

This “remedy” obliquely asserts that black and brown students cannot be held to the same disciplinary standards as other students. This is discriminatory nonsense. Of course they can, and many do.

In the left’s perverted quest for “equity,” schools are mirroring the socially engineered lawlessness on the city’s streets. And who suffers the consequences of this chaos? Those who simply cannot afford to get out.

Anthony Parks

Garden City

NY’s drug delusion

New York is on the crazy train, and its leaders are adding fuel to the engine (“Fla. rips NY drug ‘shame,’ ” June 5).

What a complete failure the city’s leaders are. Fentanyl is the biggest killer of American youth from ages 18-45, especially in communities of color and low-income communities, and the city puts up ads on how to shoot up safely? Mayor Adams wants to talk fentanyl? How about a resignation speech instead.

New York, from Albany to the five boroughs, doesn’t have one person who cares: not Adams, Gov. Kathy Hochul, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, City Council members, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — the list goes on. New York is in a downhill spiral, never to return to its former glory.

James Pappas


Subway menace

Our misguided Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark has charged Theodore Ellis with assault and reckless endangerment for pushing a 52-year-old woman onto an active subway track at the Jackson Ave. Station (“Bust in Bronx tracks shove,” June 8).

Save for the intervention of some Good Samaritans, she may well have been struck by a subway train and killed.

As a retired subway train operator, I can tell you that many of those who are struck and killed by subway trains are pushed. Few survive such an encounter with a subway train.It also must be said that climbing up from the subway tracks is not easy, and not everyone can do it. It takes upper body strength or help.

This is not just an assault, but an attempt to murder this poor woman.In addition to the clear danger of being struck, mangled and killed by an oncoming train, she also ran the risk of falling between the rail ties to the street, where she could have been hit by a vehicle.

This is attempted murder. The Bronx DA should see this. Assault and reckless endangerment charges mean the perpetrator will be released and out on the street to repeat such heinous crimes again.

Kevin Harrington

The Bronx

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