Letters to the Editor — July 4, 2022


The Issue: Mayor Adams’ response to Rudy Giuliani’s report of an assault after an incident at a ShopRite.

After reading the article in The Post, I had to laugh (“Eric: Charge Rudy for ‘false report,’ ” June 30).

Mayor Adams, who claims to be a crime fighter, made a statement implying that it’s OK to slap someone on the back for no reason at all and not be charged.

It just goes to show you how much he knows about crime-fighting.

He wanted former Mayor Rudy Giuliani charged with making a false report after he saw the video of it happening. I’m no fan of Giuliani, but it did happen.

Adams should just go to all his dinners and dance parties and let the police take care of the crime that is taking place in our city.

John Wilde

Massapequa Park

So Giuliani was at a supermarket in Staten Island and someone came up behind him, slapped the 75-year-old man out of nowhere and proceeded to spew vitriol at him and accuse him of murder. Giuliani does nothing to retaliate.

This results in the attacker spending some time in jail before having his charges reduced. And the current mayor laments that the attacker had to spend some time in jail, and says it is in fact Giuliani who should be arrested.

If this does not illustrate the platform of the Democratic Party today, nothing does.

Joseph J. Grassi

Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Mayor Eric Adams
Mayor Eric Adams
Getty Images

As a 35-year veteran of the NYPD, I knew it would only be a matter of time and opportunity before Adams took a verbal shot at Giuliani

He’s accusing the former mayor of falsely reporting a crime. The incident occurred when a ShopRite employee slapped the former mayor’s back, calling him “one of the people that’s gonna kill women.”

Adams urged Staten Island District Attorney Mike McMahon to focus his attention on Giuliani’s false report of a crime. Adams also conferred with Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell about whether Giuliani committed a crime.

Adams needs to dump his personal vendetta and focus on the real problems plaguing our city. Let a judge or jury decide if Giuliani was a crime victim.

Joseph Valente

Staten Island

In what kind of insane world does a mayor who was elected to stop out-of-control crime, including a rash of random attacks on the elderly, want to prosecute an old man for reporting a random attack caught on video?

I miss Mayor Bill de Blasio. He at least waited one term to turn cuckoo.

Jorge Sierra

The Bronx

The Issue: CUNY head Felix V. Matos Rodriguez’s absence at a City Council hearing on anti-Semitism.

By not showing up for a City Council Committee on Higher Education hearing, CUNY Chancellor Felix V. Matos Rodriguez demonstrated just how unable or unwilling he is to combat an increasingly toxic, anti-Semitic environment at CUNY (“ ‘Jewish lives matter?’ ” July 1).

He needs to resign, before further turning what was once a source of great municipal pride into a shameful caricature of a formerly highly renowned institution.

Richard D. Wilkins


Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez
CUNY Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez
Paul Martinka

The fact that the CUNY chancellor blew off attending the City Council meeting is further proof that the CUNY system has now been infected with the disease of anti-Semitism.

CUNY was once a great opportunity for students of all races and religions to get a quality education. Now that it has gone woke, it has betrayed its mission as an educational institution and has devolved into a symbol of bigotry, woke indoctrination and hatred.

Robert DiNardo


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