Letters to the Editor — July 3, 2022


Joe’s Hunter lies
The voicemail revelation from President Biden to his son, Hunter Biden, is provocatively disturbing and may indeed have far-reaching ramifications (“It’s the Smoking Voicemail by Joe,” Miranda Devine, June 28).

The deceitful demeanor Biden exhibited on numerous occasions leading up to the 2020 presidential election is mortifying. He repeatedly lied about having any knowledge of Hunter’s shady overseas business dealings.

What compounds these repeated denials is the question of how compromising this abomination may actually be. Nothing would be more revolting than the president of the United States being beholden to China, our most formidable global nemesis, because of his son’s shrouded, so-called business deals. It is high time for a comprehensive investigation into the Biden family “business” shenanigans.

Denis David
East Rockaway

Jail for Ghislaine
Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice (“Finally!” June 29).
She enticed, exploited and entrapped young girls to function as sex objects on demand.

The court rejected her defense that her father’s abuse rendered her susceptible to Epstein’s manipulative machinations.

Maxwell issued a non-apology and lamented the irreparable stain she carries due to Epstein.

Huh. Court records revealed Epstein stuffed her account with $30 million — thus, the stain and stench she carries. She caused incalculable grief to young girls.

Marc Greenwood
Opelika, Ala.

Climate’s victims
I can’t argue that environmentalism has had its share of ugly, racist history, but that’s not its character today (“Enviros vs. You,” Glenn Harlan Reynolds, PostOpinion, June 27).
Interestingly, it’s the elites who are trying to stop renewable energy like wind and solar in its tracks by complaining about their views.

The fact is that poor and working-class people are the most harmed by polluting fossil fuels. Living in an area packed with highways or in the vicinity of fossil fuel-emitting heavy industry puts people at serious risk of disease and early death, triggers asthma and results in lower birth weight and higher maternal mortality. All these risks hurt black people disproportionately.

Laurie Joan Aron

Scary Joe
Consider President Biden’s need for notes, his constant stammering and hesitating when speaking and his need for people to direct him (“Take note, Joe!” June 25).

Now let’s say this is how your new investment adviser, dentist heart surgeon or mechanic behaves. How comfortable would you be in those situations?

The problem is this is the president of the United States. Is it any wonder that everything that Biden and his team have done since entering office is a total disaster?

Let’s all hope and pray that this ship called America, with 2 1/2 more years left in its voyage, can complete the journey without sinking.

Harry Winkler
West Palm Beach, Fla.

Crime carousel
The soft-on-crime criminal-justice reforms have allowed Michelle McKelley to be arrested and released approximately 100 times without bail (“100 arrests and counting,” June 27).

Are you kidding? What is the magic number that would allow repeat criminals to be prosecuted for their crimes?

No wonder people are fleeing the city in droves. Truly, it is not the New York I once knew.

Mary F. Spiro
York, Pa.

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