Letters to the Editor — Jan. 6, 2023


The Issue: Republicans in the House who’ve refused to vote for Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy is just another middle-of-the-road Republican who will go along to get along with Democratic policies (“The rebels defy The Don,” Jan. 5).

I believe the 20 congressmen and -women who are against him are trying to vote for a leader with true conservative values.

Greg Canizio

East Northport

To the geniuses who think they’re so righteous by not voting for Kevin McCarthy, I say you’ve won the battle but lost the war.

If you don’t understand that, you shouldn’t be in Congress.

K. Brady

Franklin Square

This debate regarding the speaker of the House is a good one.

I would rather see a robust debate within my party than a bunch of sheep blindly following along, like the Democrats do.

The Republican Party won a majority, but it means nothing if leadership keeps doing what goes against the fundamentals of our party platform.

Big government spending and getting “Democrat lite” is not why we vote for Republicans.

Maybe McCarthy will eventually be speaker, but hopefully the point has been made, and he will not lead this Congress with more of the same.

Matthew Viola

River Vale, NJ

Many Republican voters were disappointed and dismayed at the results of the last election, but the House Republicans wasted no time in proving the electorate was not wrong.

Given a slim majority in the House, Republicans immediately demonstrated their incompetence and pettiness in their inability to elect a speaker.

The Republican House Freedom Caucus has successfully stymied the election of McCarthy as speaker with little regard for the governing consequences.

They are signaling to the Democrats that there are significant chasms in the GOP majority, which Democrats will use to their advantage.

The Democrats had a similar slim majority in the last Congress yet were united behind Rep. Nancy Pelosi — who, for all her faults, ruled the House Democrats with an iron fist. Even the uber-liberal Progressive Caucus fell in line to ensure Democratic rule.

The Freedom Caucus should learn from them.

Jack Kaufman

Naples, Fla.

America should have heeded President George Washington’s warnings on the establishment of political parties. He foresaw the dangers of their divisive nature and inability to work in harmony together.

And right now, America is paying the price in the halls of Congress. The Democrats won’t give an inch in their quest for House leadership. The Republicans, who should have been a shoo-in for the speakership, can’t or won’t unify as one voice.

So the charade has continued, to the detriment of the American public. The important work needed to fix the country’s problems sits shunted aside. It won’t matter who becomes the speaker because the Democrats and Republicans will blunt each other’s legislation. Whoever said the art of politics is compromise?

Joseph Valente

Staten Island

Putting aside the appalling and embarrassing show in Washington, starring McCarthy in the House of Representatives, I have a serious question: With the likes of Donald Trump, Herschel Walker, George Santos, etc., how can anyone willingly and honestly admit to being a “proud Republican” these days?

Bob Canning

Petaluma, Calif.

The failure of the House of Representatives to elect a speaker provides uncontroverted proof that we’ve just elected a “do-nothing Congress.”

Paul L. Newman

Merion Station, Pa.

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