Letters to the Editor — Jan. 31, 2023


The Issue: A report showing New York City parents want Albany to lift the cap on charter schools.

You would think that, as the city lost 30,000 of its pupil population, there would be room in the schools for more charter-based classrooms (“The War on Good Schools,” Editorial, Jan. 30). How wrong you are!

What the United Federation of Teachers couldn’t achieve contractually in more than 50 years, namely class-size reductions comparable to suburban districts, it has achieved legislatively, with Gov. Hochul’s blessings.

The mandate not only retains excess teaching staff, but also removes physical classrooms from inventory. Nothing like knowing people in high places for UFT head Michael Mulgrew.

M. Klein

New Hyde Park

The UFT’s unending campaign against charter schools like Success Academy is an indictment of its own failures.

Almost weekly, we see stories of teachers in “rubber rooms,” abusive, corrupt administrators and incompetent teachers who are cheating our most precious assets, our kids, of the education they are entitled to.

Instead of using its political power to destroy the competition, why doesn’t the UFT clean up its own house and provide a level of real education to our kids?

Being afraid of competition is a clear indication of the UFT’s weakness. It’s time for Mulgrew and his minions to put on their big-boy pants and improve their product, instead of being cowards.

Robert DiNardo


Mayor Adams and Schools Chancellor David Banks are plainly not interested in reversing former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s crushing of charter schools and his destructive war on meritocracy in the name of “equity.”

When it comes to Gotham’s abysmal crime problem, the mayor has refreshingly bucked the laziness and culpability of the state and city Democratic establishment.

Yet when it comes to the persistent problem of the paralysis of our public education system, he has proven to be a soldier of the stifling status quo.

James Hyland


It would be very interesting to see The Post do a report on where the politicians (and even teachers and administrators) send their children to learn. How many go to private schools?

Bruce Collins

Middletown, NJ

The Issue: The Empire State Building turning its lights green to celebrate the Philadelphia Eagles’ playoff win.

I could see where the Chrysler Building — and even the Woolworth Building — might lower themselves to light up their towers in green to celebrate the victory of an enemy football team, like the hated Philadelphia Eagles. But I would have expected much better from the iconic Empire State (“Bird brains,” Jan. 30).

Maybe if, in the coming baseball season, the Mets play Houston in the World Series and lose, they’ll light it up again in the Astros’ rancid colors to support another enemy team.

Ray Starman


Wow, how disrespectful to shine the rival Eagles’ colors in the Empire State Building. What a slap in the face.

If you can’t support your local teams — or at least not disrespect loyal local fans — then move to the city of your choice.

How shameful of the Empire State Building owners. Is there not a building tall enough in Philly for them to own?

Steve Preziosa, Sr.

Deptford Township, NJ

What a slap in the face to all New York sports fans — lighting the Empire State Building up in green for the Eagles. What a disgrace.

Bill McCreary


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