Letters to the Editor — Jan. 27, 2023


The Issue: Six people arrested in Atlanta during a riot after a man was shot by Georgia police.

It is quite despicable to see the carnage these rioters leave behind (“Terror raps in Atl. riot,” Jan. 25).

They trash neighborhoods and small businesses, assault police and then go home to mommy and daddy and their estates.

Here’s a novel idea: Maybe they should donate money to schools and hospitals in the neighborhoods that they destroy. Just a suggestion.

J.J. Levine

Miami Beach, Fla.

People have short memories. Let me help you to remember: Democrats encouraged their supporters to break the law all through the summer of 2020 with impunity.

Remember the “Summer of Love” in Portland? Remember when courthouses were attacked there? When autonomous zones were set up in Minneapolis? When there were riots in countless other, mostly Democrat-led cities?

And now you can add the riot in Atlanta at the proposed police-training site to this list.

This is all the result of Democratic policies. It’s all downplayed by the liberal media.

If we had sent the message out that all rioting and unlawful displays are wrong and will be punished by the full extent of the law, then everybody would understand the ground rules.

Mindy Rader, New City

Ignoring the other thousand points of light that reveal the purely anarchistic motives of the Atlanta six, let’s discuss the environment.

This riot was allegedly held in support of an environmentalist who shot at the police and was killed in the return fire.

He was protesting the building of a police-training center in what is described as a forested area. Then in response, these anarchist thugs trashed buildings and burned police cars.

The same people destroying classical artwork and trying to ban gas stoves in the name of environmentalism are unleashing a whirlwind of toxic fumes into mother nature.

Among the other charges, they should face one of environmental terrorism. Let them carry that moniker moving forward.

Brian Sullivan

Rockaway Beach

How can this band of reprehensible, spoiled brats be allowed to cause such mayhem in an American city?

Without a care for life or property, they go about violently showing their incessant hatred for our “system” and all its “wrongs.”

Gary Kaelin


The Issue: Schools Chancellor David Banks nixing a vote on space for new Success Academy primary schools.

Mayor Adams has a big mouth when he is attacking police who use cell phones or calling out overwhelmed governors who send illegal immigrants into this city (“Gotham kids being robbed of Success,” Jan. 25).

Yet he just can’t seem to find his voice to defend charter schools, which directly affects the children of New York City.

The United Federation of Teachers is not concerned about crowding. What it is concerned about is the growing awareness of public-school parents who realize their children are missing out on a much better education. Mayor Adams, speak out.

Catherine Adago


The Post has it all wrong about the denial of a vote to secure new school spaces for Success Academy being harmful to the interests of students.

In the coming “Age of Equity,” a student’s academic performance will not matter, as society will insure equality of outcomes regardless of ability or merit.

Our schools thus need only aspire to meet the most minimal educational standards.

Albert Knaus


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