Letters to the Editor — Jan. 26, 2023


The Issue: Shop owners in The Bronx who are hiring private security guards to protect their businesses.

It was just a matter of time until these shop owners had to hire private guards to protect against the crime in our city (“The Bronx is turning,” Jan. 25).

I have to give these shop owners a lot of credit for getting together to protect their business. But the buck stops with Mayor Adams. He is following in the footsteps of his predecessor.

So all I can say is: Mr. Mayor, no need to visit other cities just to get your face known. It doesn’t matter. Also, going to the Texas border to witness the disaster going on there was a waste of time. That’s not your problem. It’s President Biden’s.

Stay in your city and do what’s right to help stop all this crime. That’s your job.

Rob Johann


Having to hire their own services (in this case, security) because the city and state don’t do their respective jobs should result in the shop owners either billing the city/state agencies or having the dollar-for-dollar, out-of-pocket expenses deducted from their taxes.

It is ridiculous that local policies have resulted in the shop owners having to fend for themselves.

Dave Mortensen

Fairfield County, Conn.

Store owners are being forced to hire security guards not only to protect their stores, but to protect the citizens walking on the sidewalks.

Members of the NYPD are leaving in large numbers — many are retiring and many are just plain quitting.

Many young males and females do not want to take the job because of the way our officers are treated — with total disrespect.

You cannot blame them. Our present society has turned totally against any type of law enforcement and it is a shame.

The same elected officials who call for defunding the police are the first to call them when they are in trouble. What’s wrong with that picture? We need more police, plain and simple.

Kim Cody


As a former resident of New York City and specifically at one point the South Bronx, I applaud any and all efforts to fight back against crime and the blights that result from it.

Since we have seen all too many incidents of people standing by and merely observing criminal activity, these patrols should make a positive difference.

As for Curtis Sliwa’s criticism that they are unarmed and therefore ineffectual, aren’t the Guardian Angels unarmed?

Sharon Wylie

Westport, Conn.

The Issue: Matt Palumbo’s piece on how George Soros has contributed to criminal-justice reform in cities.

The George Soros piece is excellent work (“Pro-Criminal Soros Empire,” Matt Palumbo, Jan. 23).

I never knew the extent of his efforts to undermine our judicial system. This should be a lesson to voters about vetting candidates.

I wonder if Soros or his minions ever considered the impact of their philosophy. Maybe they should visit a local detention center and hear about the crimes and damage they contributed to.

Greg Raleigh

Washington, DC

George Soros has corrupted the American justice system.

He has caused untold damage by his support of district attorneys who vow not to prosecute crimes in order to use his money to buy their way into office.

Soros does not live among the people most affected by his actions — the minority communities in all of the cities where his minions collect their paychecks.

These minority communities are often the victims of these unprosecuted crimes.

Bo Madden

Jupiter, Fla.

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