Letters to the Editor — Jan. 15, 2023


Todd’s Biden bias

NBC host Chuck Todd’s cavalier characterization of a congressional investigation into Hunter Biden’s global money grab as “personal” completely misses the mark (“Media: Don’t Investigate,” Editorial, Jan. 10).

His shallow analysis is intellectually bankrupt. It’s interesting to see how the media narrative has morphed from “there’s nothing to see here” and “it’s Russian disinformation” to “it’s personal.”
The overwhelming majority of the American public wants a thorough review of the Biden family’s international exploits. Chuck’s dismissive tone further erodes his reputation as a credible journalist and the program’s claim to be a source of unbiased news and analysis.

Richard A. Bucci, Binghamton

NYC’s pot scourge

Making pot legal is just another step in bringing down our youth (“Legal Pot: Kids Pay,” Editorial, Jan. 8).

The age to purchase weed in New York is 21. However, the body of evidence shows young teens are now obtaining and smoking pot.

The smell of pot is everywhere. Especially in New York, where you pass a middle school and smell it.

Additionally, the majority of teens don’t want to see a parent getting high. Parents are supposed to set the standards for the children in their care. Most teens feel that pot-smoking parents are an embarrassment.

Getting high in front of your kids is selfish and sends the wrong message. Just because it is legal does not make it right.

Maureen Sharkey, Brooklyn

Nurses’ strike

It’s a shame that nurses had to go on strike to get what they deserve (“7,000+ nurses strike at top hosps,” Jan. 10).

Nurses work hard and have a big responsibility for your care when you’re in the hospital. Anyone who has been in the hospital knows these are talented, skilled workers.

To make them go on strike is just plain wrong. No one ever gets everything they ask for when a contract is up — this is why you negotiate. Health care is something we take for granted, but it should not be.

NYSNA nurses on strike outside of Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan on January 11, 2023.
NYSNA nurses on strike outside of Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan on January 11, 2023.
Matthew McDermott

Treat them with the respect they deserve and don’t make them have to strike to be treated fairly.

John Buonagura, Stewart Manor

Royal book fallout

Thank God for Piers Morgan’s ability to hit and shatter every moving target spewing forth from Prince Harry’s mouth (“ ‘Spare’ lays bare Harry’s hate for his royal family,” Jan. 10).

The most recent fall-out of Harry’s published, self-centered world view is the precautionary evacuation of Pen Farthing from Kabul, Afghanistan, where he cared for orphaned and injured animals in that war-torn country.

Prince Harry's tell-all memoir "Spare" was released earlier this week.
Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir “Spare” was released earlier this week.
AP Photo/Michael Sohn

Rather than put more money in Harry’s deep pockets for a copy of his book, “Spare,” consider taking that money and donating it to the animals in Kabul or a charity of choice.
I have no interest in a man who, at the age of 37, does not yet realize that he was born a fortunate person.

Denise Saupe, Minneapolis, Minn.

Desperate shops

Since our politicians shrug their shoulders while city merchants, small and large, are robbed and threatened without any help, maybe these merchants should demonstrate to the city that they’re very important (“Steal-cage match,” Jan. 9).

Maybe making goods available to citizens is more important than the right to steal and threaten. Maybe they should go on strike for a day or so and seize the agenda.

Michael Salzhauer, The Bronx

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