Letters to the Editor — Feb. 1, 2023


The Issue: Protests by activists and migrants over relocation from a Manhattan hotel to a Brooklyn shelter.

Offering no apologies, I am thoroughly outraged at the “protests” from illegal immigrants over the change in their lodgings (“Inn-sane,” Jan. 31).

They are still being given a place to live along with food and transportation debit cards. Did they have all this in the countries that they fled?

If they are so unhappy with what is being offered, perhaps they should consider returning to their home country.

The so-called “activists” leading this charge are not helping these illegals at all — quite the contrary. Americans are quite incensed.

The shambles of our failed immigration procedures and policies just increases dissatisfaction with Biden’s administration and our government’s poor performance. Change is needed to save our country.

Alice Daly


Nowhere is it written that illegal immigrants to this country get to have a superior hotel room with all the amenities.

Just because the mayor put you up temporarily doesn’t mean you can stay indefinitely.

Be happy that you got here and have been handed a free pass from President Biden. Then go where you are told.

From there, you can work your way up like so many have done before — going through the process legally.

Doc Ludemann

Bridgeport, Conn.

The insanity unfolding on the outside perimeter of the Watson Hotel is a microcosm of the illegal migrant debacle as a whole.

The unfettered influx of illegal migrants flocking over our southern border without any viable contingency plans to address the plethora of economic and humanitarian issues stemming from such gross policy decision-making is unconscionable.

The inevitable by-products of this fiasco are the burdensome problems it creates for cities all across our country to deal with for the foreseeable future.

This is the consequence of a Biden administration policy implemented with total disregard for our cities and the American citizens who reside in them.

Denis David

East Rockaway

Asylum seekers in New York City who were housed at a hotel in Manhattan were to be relocated to Brooklyn cruise terminal. Those going there didn’t like the facility, so they tried going back to the hotel, but were refused entry. Then they camped on the sidewalk outside the hotel.

A few migrants  boarded a city bus but many continue to camp out on the sidewalk outside of the Watson Hotel/migrant shelter refusing to be relocated to the newly created housing facility in Brooklyn.
A few migrants boarded a city bus but many continue to camp out on the sidewalk outside of the Watson Hotel.
Matthew McDermott

This is interesting because those coming to New York are given clothing and food to get started on a life here. The dwelling in Brooklyn might not be the best of settings, but it’s much better than living in complete poverty in their own country.

I wish that my family had this type of assistance when I was growing up, because times were extremely hard for us. I went hungry many a time, and had not the best of clothes, even though my parents worked hard to provide for us.

It looks to me like they should be thankful for what they are being given for free — not ungrateful.

Joseph Comperchio


New York agreed to be a sanctuary city. Now it’s time to bite the bullet.

Still, how dare these migrants complain about their “accommodations”? If you’re not comfortable there, maybe you’d be more comfortable sleeping in the same conditions as on your way to the United States.

Don’t bite the hands that feed you. Be grateful you have clothes, food, warmth and an education for your children at no cost to you.

We US citizens are footing the bill for your comfort. We are a country of freedom. If you don’t like it, you are free to leave.

M. Musolino

Staten Island

Migrants are refusing to move from a free hotel in Manhattan to a shelter in Brooklyn.

Thanks, Mayor Adams and Gov. Hochul, for making our great city a dumping place. Thanks, Biden, for making our southern border a wide-open disaster. The inmates are running the asylum.

Joe Nugent

Staten Island

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